Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So I guess that I Should explaine this just alittle bit.
In March of 2008 I got up that day only to notice that I had this huge black spot over my left eye. I was some what concerned because I am a diabetic and this is sometimes a sign if issues regarding that. I called the Dr. and they requested that I come right in . I get there and they can not find anything wrong with the eye itself. So the Dr said that it is optic nuritios (sp?) Which is the onset of MS.
This scared me to my core I have taken care of people with this and know some of what will happen in the furture. I am a wife and mother of 3 and I have a life plan of being active with them, and not being a burdento any of them. I am thinking to myself that this must a a cruel joke, but no such luck
I have since educated myself with any information I could find and know that I can fight this.
I have made a few fiends at work no less with the same illiness and a fw have had it for 20+ years so I know that I can live with this too.........