Friday, July 1, 2011

OMG Kids

This blog shall serve as my outlet, 3 kids 1 husband.   Should be enough to entertain the whole world.

There are days that I ask myself what were you thinking 3 kids and let me tell you they are not even in the same realm of growing

I have a I know everything son Tristan who is 9

I have a I am the princess and the world should give me what I want daughter Anya who is 6

I have a I am the baby and I demand what you have daughter Akasha who will be 2 on July 31st

Oh and did I mention a 4th child who thinks that he know everything about everything Man Child who is 36

Some body please send me something for a headache and maybe a drink to make me numb, No really I don't drink but often threaten too.

I take one day at a time in this life and it seems to be working no one have been hurt, or choked.