Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Daily Life Of My Roots

One day I may have my life as I knew it back but for now, this is it

Mommy of 3 Wife of 1

Married 11 years together for 16. Mommy to 9 year old Tristan, 5 year old Anya and 1 year old Akasha. What can I say they kwwp me on my toes to say the least.

Tristan is in the 3rd grade and full of fire and attitude but it come by it honestly. I look at him daily and see me in him with is independ ways but yet still the little baby boy that he once ones. He so much wants to be an adult and I hope that he will one day know why we were so tough on him with our rules only to make him strong and to know we only wnated the best for him.

My little Princess Anya with her princess ways. She loves with all of her heart and just wants to be beautyful which she always will be. She has her own asperations, I would love to see her follow in my foot steps be the softball star that her momma was but she is so not into getting dirty (tear)it may just break my heart.

My Baby boo Akasha I am not sure where she is going in life she loves to laugh and dance and did I mention she loves to sing she too has the Beiber fever too like big sister.

They are my life and it is my job to guide them down the path of life see them graduate, get married and have fmilies of their own till then I will post daily happening in my life with them

Who do you think I am

This show is very interesting, I beleive that is has opened some questions for most people watching season two.

We all want to know where it is we came from not just the current family but as far back as possible, even of it gives answers that we where not looking for.

I myself have been looking for a few years to peice the puzzle together.  More so now that my younger sister was traigicly taken from us.  I wanted to know my line where I come from how we came to be in the states.  Most of the peices have been put together prior to me looking do to other family haveing the same questions