Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2 week count down

I am getting so stressed at this point I have learned that when I pick up the truck on the 28th I have to drop it back off in Iowa on the 2nd of July.  For most people you would think that 4 days would be enough time will not for me.  We have to load 2 houses (my MIL is moving to).  I planned to load everything on the 29th-30th then leaving really early in the am on the 1st it about a 12 hr drive in a car so I figure with a moving truck it gonna be about 14 hrs, that will put us in there about 5-7pm.  My Husband will be working till 3am so I have to unload at my new house, take the rest of the stuff to MIL house then have the truck at the place by 9am on the 2nd.   I am gonna have to rethink this whole thing lol.   But I do have faith that it will come together with out a problem (wink)