Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Today is the first official now day here in IOWA......

Snow started yesterday while I was doing my part in the collections world until 9 pm.  It was a rather nerve racking drive home.  Getting to 235 was a issue the ramps were covered with 2 ft of snow, trying to stay with in the lines was a pure guessing game.. The exit ramps were just as covered .   My drive way was an even bigger problem talk about needing a running start to get in to the garage........

To my surprise work was open and all the schools were closed, need I say no work for me or Mr. Man.  Oh wait he had work shoveling the drive way and sidewalks.  I guess I could have helped but I am allergic to anything below 40 degrees.

So today is filled with lazy times like TV, Pizza, and long naps...   Could you hope for anything better