Sunday, June 13, 2010

My 2nd Husband

I so if given the chance leave Mr. Man for Channing Tatum I love a southern man.   With that said I know that he's married (tear)

I just watched is new movie Dear John I loved the bases of the movie shed a few tears.  I how ever was very disappointed with the ending I thought that there could have been more.  A good friend of mine said that the book was way better the only problem with that who has time to read with 3 kids and I will not get to look at Channing, Unless he will come over to read the book to me (wink)

I give the movie a B- 

But I'll probably watch it again just for Channing

My View Point

So after a year of not taping john finally gave in and released the kids to be on TV.  Am I the only one that finds this a tad bit disturbing,   It appears to me that they have thrown out the concerns of the kids for a pay check.  I will admitt that in the beginning that I was one of the people that was hooked on this out of pure need to understand how you would be able to raise this many babies at one time.  But as the years went on it became apparent that the money got the adults hooked and in the end played a vital role in the demise of their family.  Which is sad that they put a TV show before their family.

Now that is not to say that I agree with any of the parties.  Kate treated John horrible, in the way that, So were she talked to him her slapping him in the face all the time but on the flip side of that he let that get out of hand I know that with that many kids you get tired and you nerves get real thin but if they would have attacked it as a team it would have helped.  I also do not ever condone cheating of any sort John stands strong stating that he never cheated on Kate in any sort of way.  Some may argue that him being out all night at a night club doe not help his case.

So all in all I think that the whole thing has issues both parties are to blame and it seams that neither wanted to try and make it work.  So were back to the fact that they are once again putting the family on display for the world to watch 

My Babies

Introducing Akasha Jade 7-31-09  This is one of the lights of my life.  everyday she never fails to suprise me.  She is comming into her own attitude at 10 months old she knows how to command attention from everyone around her, she is attempting to stand and walk, she loves her big brother and big sister is not to fond of being held loves to explore so she keeps me on my feet.   She is my only Child that as a baby loves bath time.  I was not expecting to have a 3rd baby but she supprised me and has added a new dinamic to my home she is daddys little girl for sure. 

Introducing Anya Elizabeth My little Diva.  She is gonna be beauty queen for sure she is very concerned about how she looks all the time it is so cute for now lol.  This year she will be starting kindergarden and I am so excited for her she loves to be around other kids and make new firends this is going to be an exciting year for her.  Ps.  This look is all hers

Tristan my baby boy he is getting so big hes' 8 goning on 28 to hear him say it loves video games and his firends he is a little sad to leave them but is still excited to move and make new friends. 

Back to my Roots

Since I have failed to post here is a long time, I think that I am prepared to begin attacking this on a daily bases,  This last year has been tough to say the least we have definitely hit some rough patches but have never given up the fight.  Mr. Man  lost his job in march of 09 in the height of the job market crash.  We had our 3rd little one on July 31st 3 weeks early but none the less very healthy.  Even dealing with the job loss a new family member we never lost sight of the important things, Family Friends and each other.  We managed to keep everything paid and everyone happy it took some deep cut backs and some daily changes but we made it........

This has led to a drastic decision on our part on April 21st 2010 Mr. Man drove off to Iowa in search of a job.  Three long weeks later he found a job that fell in place with his skills and paid him very well.  So I ask this question why did it take him leaving his family behind in Colorado to achieve this new beginning (my opinion only) I think that it has something to do with us living in military country to many people and not enough jobs to go around.

So as a family we have decided to relocate back to our roots.  In the short time that he has been there he got hired on full time making more money that he has ever made. ( I might not have to work full time) Secured housing for a family of 5 with more room than we have ever had. 

Now to make the move deadline of July 1 lol so far I have got everything packed that is not needed, Purchases a train ticket for BIL to be able to come out and help us load the truck and drive back.  I do have to say that there is definitely some reservation about this process.

 I am leaving a job that I at one time loved of 4 years but hence the once loved I think that it is time to cut my losses and move on.  I have some great opportunities lined up so I am very optimistic.

The most exciting part is that for the first time in my Children's life they will be surrounded with family and the people that they have only got to visit 1 time a year.  Not to mention I will be back with some of the greatest friends and support system.  So life is truly looking up for the Anderson family.  I know that with out the blessing and support of my near and dear not to mention the man upstairs this would not be possible. 

So we are IOWA BOUND Back to my Roots!!!!!